Weekend Reading Roundup

Weekend Reading Roundup

Enjoy this week’s articles!  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in Irma’s path.


How to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Breach (cnbc.com)

Investing & Markets:

Howard Marks’ Memo – (oaktreecapital.com)

Put These Charts On Your Wall – (pensionpartners.com)

How to Prepare for Another 2008? – (retirementresearcher.com)

The Difference Between Bull & Bear Markets is Volatility – (bloomberg.com)

Investor Psychology:

The Fallibility of Predictions – (slate.com)

Investing and Throwing Darts Have Many Similarities – (cfainstitute.org)

When the Hedge is Worse than the Thing Being Hedged – (thereformedbroker.com)

Retirement & Estate Planning:

Five Key Estate Planning Documents – (independenceadvisors.com)

Leaving a Home to Your Heirs While You’re Still Alive – (nytimes.com)

An Alternative Approach to Being Underprepared for Retirement – (awealthofcommonsense.com)

What Happens to my IRA when I Die? – (independenceadvisors.com)

Living a Better Life:

Five Takeaways from Happiness Research – (humbledollar.com)

Four Tools of Discipline – (farnamstreetblog.com)

The Case for Not Knowing What Time It Is – (raptitude.com)


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